Andy Mineo takes the CDEC Stage Tuesday, October 24


Andy Mineo has made it his mission to get people talking. Whether it’s defending the use of profanity by Christian artists, raising awareness for the deaf community with a sign language-friendly music video, or tackling themes of racism and homophobia on 2015’s “Uncomfortable,” his second album with Reach Records, Mineo wants to start a conversation.

 Mineo will bring these thought-provoking messages to Cone Denim Entertainment Center (CDEC) with Social Misfit Club and Wordsplayed on Tuesday, October 26.  Mineo, a New York Native, as emerged in the hip-hop christian community with his message that resonates with listeners that connect sex, drugs and rock n’ roll with the gospel.

While on tour Andy Mineo enjoys fans reactions, “That for me, is what some of the most exciting stuff is, just seeing someone stumble over to me drunk after the show and like grab me by the shoulder as they’re about to fall over and be like, ‘I love your music. It’s so inspiring. I needed this,’” he says of SXSW. “Those are the things, ‘cause my music and my message there’s a lot of hope in it, so I enjoy being able to mix it up around people from all different walks of life and be able to share my music and my message and my hope with them.” From Hip-Hop DX (link below)

See his message of hope when he performs at Cone Denim Entertainment Center on Tuesday, October 26, doors at 7pm show starts at 8pm.

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